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Partners Therapeutic Horsemanship is proud to serve San Diego Regional Center clients as a recreational activities vendor.

  • We offer mounted and unmounted lessons, depending on a student's needs and size.

  • The minimum age is three years, but most students are at least four years old before they are developmentally ready to begin. The current weight limit for mounted lessons is 120 lbs.

  • Lessons are held Mon through Thurs afternoons and Sat mornings.

  • There is a waitlist for all lessons at this time. Interested SDRC clients can submit our Student Application to placed on the list.

  • As students advance up the list, they will be scheduled for a complimentary evaluation where they come to our facility to meet a horse while we determine their mounted or unmounted staffing and support needs.

  • The Physician's Statement (from the Student Application) and the evaluation are a major part in determining if lessons can be safely offered to each individual student. Safety is also regularly revisited as students grow and their needs may change.

  • It is not until after the evaluation that we ask SDRC clients to work with their service coordinator to request authorization for funding.

  • More information can be found on the Lesson page under the Student tab. Questions can be directed to

Therapeutic Lessons

Summer Camp

  • We offer week-long half-day summer camps for four weeks between July and August.

  • Camp hours are 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

  • The minimum age is 5 years and the maximum weight is 120 lbs

  • Camp includes daily horse time, with three mounted lessons throughout the week, daily art time, and daily water play as well as other horse-themed activities.

  • Interested campers complete and submit our Student Application as the first step.

  • Registration begins for new campers on April 1.

  • Once registration is complete, campers will work with their service coordinator to request authorization for funding.

  • Partners staff will also schedule an evaluation visit prior to camp where the camper meets one of our horses and we ensure we can meet the campers needs at our camp format

  • Summer camp is a small group format. Campers who require one to one assistance may be required to bring a support person with them.

  • More information can be found on the Summer Camp page under the Student tab. Questions can be directed to

Service Coordinators:

 Our standard 30-minute lesson weekly rate is $45. Our 45-minute lesson weekly rate for some unmounted or more advanced mounted students is $60. Potential start dates cannot be determined until a student moves to the top of the list. Our vendor code for lessons is GPY2783


Service Coordinators:

 Our weekly rate for summer camp is $350. Dates will be assigned at registration. Our vendor code for summer camp is GPY2848

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