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About Equine-Assisted Services at Partners Therapeutic Horsemanship

Partners Therapeutic Horsemanship, set amidst the mountains of the El Monte Valley in Lakeside, is a PATH Intl. (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International) Center offering equine-assisted services for people of all ages with a variety of challenges and disabilities.  We utilize equine-assisted activities to enhance the cognitive, physical, emotional or social well-being of individuals. Both mounted and unmounted activities with horses provide numerous benefits to health, education, and recreation.
Partners provides three different categories of Equine-Assisted Services:
Therapeutic Horsemanship
Equine Assisted Learning
Summer Camps


In our therapeutic horsemanship lesson program, our PATH certified instructors teach mounted and unmounted horsemanship skills with additional supports that may not be available in more traditional riding lesson programs.  In addition to learning independent horsemanship skills to the extent capable, participants may improve their flexibility, balance, mobility, muscle strength, proprioception and motor planning.  Some other possible benefits participants report include expanded language and communication skills, an increased ability to process information (i.e. cognitive skills), enhanced social skills, support for emotional regulation and mental health, as well as increased body awareness and self-confidence. 

In our equine-assisted learning program, we seek to form community partnerships to bring the growing and healing benefits of interacting with horses to group settings in collaboration with mental health partners. We have facilitated a variety of groups from adults with disabilities working on job readiness skills to adolescents in treatment for mental illness seeking to reconnect with themselves. Each group is unique and interactions with our horse herd allow individuals to work on personal skills and social skills in a natural setting.

In our summer camp program, we bring the fun of horses to local children who might not otherwise have the chance to experience them. Through horseback riding, horse care, art, messy play, and water activities our campers engage in a small group setting for week-long camps to celebrate all things HORSE!
Partners Therapeutic Horsemanship is proud to have offered unique equine experiences to those with disabilities since 2004. For more detailed information about EAS, visit the website for PATH International, Inc.

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