Equine Staff Emeritus


Sly, a Paint, retired therapeutic riding horse




July 2014


In Memoriam



Scarlet, our beloved equine partner, passed away at nearly 30 years of age. Scarlet had been with us for 15 years and was our perfect pony. She was calm, honest, kind and a hard worker, showing up for work without complaint. She gave thousands of lessons to hundreds of little riders and enriched the lives of Partners’ volunteers with her easy-going nature.

Scarlet was always willing to do what was asked. She touched so many lives with her kind and willing heart. Scarlet was an invaluable member of the Partners team and will be greatly missed.


Murphy, retired Quarter horse, therapy horse


Murphy has been all things to Partners since its inception in 2002. He was forever kind, patient and loyal. He was faithful to his duties and for that, Partners will be forever grateful. Murphy received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014. As Partners continues the mission that began with Murphy 17 years ago, they will remember all that he was. Thank you, Murphy. You are loved.


Jake at Carrie's 2011Head shot_edited_ed


Retired 2011

Jake was one of Partners' foundation horses. Although he was a large draft horse, he carried the smallest child with care. He tried to be the best therapy horse he could be.


Scoopy, Quarter Horse
 Dingo, Arabian, therapeutic riding, horse therapy,special n


He was the strong silent guy in the corner, the solid citizen, the one to be trusted. He was a student's favorite, the epitome of what a quarter horse should be.

R.I.P.  2017


Dingo was part quarter horse and part Arabian. He didn't like being a lead around horse, but he loved to help riders learn to canter.

Retired 2012

Sherman, cow pony
Rocky, a Mustang cross therapy horse
Young Frankie_edited.jpg


Retired 2014

A cowpony who rarely spooked at anything. He loved to go out on the trail.

PTH Therapy Horse of the Year 2012




Rocky was a Mustang / Quarter horse gelding. He was new to therapeutic riding but had the calm, unfazed personality that made him perfect. Laura Barton adopted him from a rescue in 2014 and has enjoyed riding him on trails and teaching him dressage in the arena. He had great movement and was very responsive to riders.


She touched us all.